Timeouts Aren’t Always the Answer

Relationships has many ups and downs, but every couples handles their own unique snags differently. When angry some couple argue it out, others talk it out, and still others take a “timeout” approach to prevent things escalating negatively. I have always been a fan of harmony, and therefore when I angry/upset I tend to go off on my own. I oftentimes feel like as a woman I am more emotional than my man, and therefore I attempt to handle my emotions on my own. My reason for withdrawing during emotional times is to avoid overburdening my man. Yet, what I have learned is that sometimes withdrawing/timeouts are do more harm than good in a relationship.

Quiz: Should you take a timeout or stay?
How to tell if you should stay?

Is the problem concerning your spouse/relationship?

Does your spouse mind comforting/talking with you during tough times?

Does your spouse mind correction about when you would prefer a listening ear vs. advice?

Is your spouse having a bad day too?


If you Answered All “No”:

If you answered “No” to all of these questions then strongly consider staying to talk with your spouse about your problems. Talking about the issues that you are dealing with in your life can oftentimes bring a couple closer, especially when your partner knows he/she is part of the solution not the problem.

If you Answered some “No”:

Staying is something you will need to use your own intuition about. If you know that your partner for instance is the cause of your stress, but that he/she would still be open to “trying” to help you find a solution, then staying may be right for you. It really depends on your partner, yourself, and your relationship.

If you Answered All/some “Yes” :

Taking a timeout may possibly be the best bet! When emotions are high, and your partner isn’t willing to listen without causing an argument it may be best to center yourself. Get a fresh perspective on the issue, rephrase your complaint into a request, and try talking with your partner once things cool down a bit.





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