Homework: Create 5 Daily “Happy” Habits

Create 5 Daily “Happy” Habits

One interesting aspect of binge/overeating is that the motivation behind over consumption oftentimes starts in our own minds. In our generation the tendency to push through our pain and stress is commonplace, but the negative effects of ignoring our internal need for joy can be devastating.  Sure, it may seem like forcing yourself out of bed to get to work on time is something to proud of, but once you get home and find yourself binging out of stress and rebellion you may realize the danger of ignoring your feelings. While we can’t control everything about our day in advance, what can do is create daily “happy habits”. Happy habits are easy to create, quick by design, and will add a little happiness boost to your entire day! Try them for yourself, and let me know how they work for you.

Note: You do not have to follow all of your happy habits everyday, but aim for at least one daily!


1. Think about some of the little things that make you happy (sunsets, reading, journaling, etc)
2. Think about some of the thing that relax you
3. Think about some of the things you find fun/entertaining/amusing (cartoons, comedy shows, talking to your best-friend, playing with your dog, etc)
4. Think of things that comfort you (wearing warm socks, snuggling in a blanket, hugging your spouse)
4. Pick 1-3 things from each of the above four categories (list them on paper)

Your “Happy Habits” list may look something like this:
(yes, this is my real list!)

1. listen to favorite music (especially, while doing chores)
2. yoga/stretch/dance around to favorite music
3. manicure/pedicure
4. watch favorite tv show
5. take hot shower and/or use lavender scented body lotion
6. put on socks (having warm feet makes me feel more cozy)
7. read a fiction book (its nice to think about something that isn’t serious)
8. have cup of tea/coffee
9. play video games
10. write (journal, a song, film script)

Try to complete your Happy Habits daily, even if you only pick one of them. Your HH’s work to improve your mood, which in turn will allow you to more easily tackle everything else on your to-do list that doesn’t make you feel especially happy (ex: going to the dentist, washing dishes, etc). Embrace your HH’s as of being equal importance with your other important tasks. Trust me, if you feel better you will get more done. HH’s allow you that extra boost to tackle more without feeling a dip in your mood that could cause a binge. I have my HH list next to me at this very moment! Try keeping yours on an index card so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. HH’s are not “to-do” items, they are not something to be “checked off” just to keep in mind and strive for daily!

Image: vorakorn kanokpipat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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