Food Fantasies: Where Binges Start

Have you ever noticed how many times per day you think about food, even when you aren’t hungry? Fantasizing about food is so common to most people that they are unaware how often they daydream about food. Believe it or not, even thinking for a “second” about how good a certain food would taste can start up a binge later in the day (if not minutes later).

Try catching yourself in the middle of fantasizing about food when you aren’t hungry, and simply change the subject in your mind. Try playing a game, reading a book with a cup of tea, doing some light yoga, calling a friend, or anything else that could help you distract yourself away from food fantasies that usually stem from bordom.

I am not saying to ignore your true hunger symptoms, but when you catch yourself even daydreaming about what you’ll be having for dinner—STOP! Change your mind, distract yourself, take a deep breath, and even try Exercise 2 to help you prevent a binge before it starts.

David Castillo Dominici /

Image: kangshutters /


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