Homework (Exercise 1)

Which is Best for You: Trigger Tactic or Allow All technique?

1. Time of Day

A) Do you overeat at a specific time of day?

B) Do you randomly binge (without a specific time pattern)

2. Entertainment

A) Do you often notice you have been online, watching tv, or reading just before a binge?

B) Do you find yourself getting the urge to binge when bored?

3. People

A) Do you have someone you often binge with (or within a close time frame of speaking with)?

B) Do you binge alone?

4. Distractions

A) Do you binge when busy?

B) Do you binge regardless of how busy (or bored) you are?

5. Foods

A) Do you binge on many foods?

B) Do you have under 1-7 binge foods of choice?

6. Dieting

A) do you binge the same on both healthy and junk food

B) do you binge more on a food that is “off limits” based on your current diet?

7. Support

A) Do you have a large support system who is helping you eat healthier?

B) Do you have an unhelpful, uninterested, or no support system at all helping you to eat healthier?

8. Openness

A) Are you open about your binging with nearly everyone?

B) Do you hide your binging from everyone (or even a specifici person/s)?

9. Snacks

A) Do you avoid snacking easily

B) Do you find yourself wanting to snack even when not hungry

10. Rewards

A) Do you eat normally/binge all week?

B)  Do you find yourself binging more on weekends, “free days”, or at night after a long day as a reward?


Mostly A’s: The Trigger Tactic 

You are one of the people who may find the trigger tactic helpful. My only caution with the trigger tactic is seeing it as “temporal”, because realistically you will most likely need to learn to use the Allow All Technique for long term success. This being said, using the TT technique can help you immensely as you work your way to the AL technique. Another bright side to the TT is that there are already many websites aimed at teaching people to avoid triggers.

Mostly B’s: Allow All Technique

You are someone who would do best using the Allow All Technique. The AL technique may shock you at how quick, effective, and freeing it is. I specialize in understanding, tweaking, and adjusting the AL technique to fit virtually every lifestyle. In its own way, the Allow All Technique is a fast track to learning to be free of binging long term. Though the AA technique generally has fewer websites offering information on it, I can personally offer my tips that worked for me!

Regardless of which technique you choose, I will do my best to help you reach your goals. Be sure to send me a message updating me on which style you scored on!

Image: healingdream/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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